Friday, February 12, 2010

February ... Where has time gone?

Can you believe it's already February? Crazy. Life has just sped by lately... so here's a recap of what's happened so far.

January 20th hearlded in Gus's 20th birthday. I do have photos... just haven't had the opportunity to post them yet. He celebrated with three bananas. Read that... THREE bananas. He thought he had died and gone to heaven. Gus was just estatic.

Then, shortly after that, I left for Guatemala for two weeks. Hence no postings for a while. Loved it there, as usual. Came home the first Wednesday in February to cold weather and SNOW. Again. Uggh!

Monday, February 8th was Gringo's birthday. He turned 7. On Saturday (the errr, 6th) we celebrated with some flavored "trail mix" from Skode's Horse Treats. It was actually Gus's gift from his de-grincher, as he was grinched on CoTH's SS this year. The trail mix was huge hit. It's mainly alfalfa pellets with different herbs added. I think I'm gonna make my own once I run out. Looks like it'll be easy and cheap, and a lot healthier then other treats out there. Plus, these Skode's treats are made specifically for IR horses.

On to other news. My old BO (where I still take lessons, we'll call her "B") offered to take Gus back on a pasture board situation. I couldn't be more happier. I'll be able to keep feeding him what I want and she'll supply the hay. He'll be out 24/7 but I'll be able to ride again in all weather. I'm also getting a tack locker again and access to all the facilities, as usual. I'm very excited about this. D-day is April 1st.

The down side though is my fiance. He's an *ss. Says I'll have to move Gringo too... that it's all or nothing. His mom (my BO and future MIL) supposedly has told him that, but that's news to me. I'll be asking her today (if I see her when the farrier is out) otherwise this weekend - or over the phone. I hate confrontations... and I'm very upset as it is. Gringo does well there and I'd love to keep him there but if it's going to be like this, then I will move him. It's just not worth it.

Needless to say, my good day was ruined again by a careless, thoughtless idiot. Sometimes I really wondering about things. But, I'm getting Gus out of a situation that is NOT working for him and that's what matters the most. Gringo, like I've mentioned prior, thrives anywhere and everywhere. So I'm not really concerned as much about him as I am for Gus, as Gus is truly a "hot house flower" . Hopefully I'll have some good pictures come this spring of him and I working. I'm so excited to have access to an arena again (heck multiple arenas).

Feed-wise, same as before... no changes. Although I did run out of rice bran and the feed store where I previously purchased it no longer is carrying it (what?). So, I made the switch back to Cool Calories 100. Gus was on this a few years back after he lost all that weight. I'm hoping it'll help him again. He's going to start off with 1/2c daily (or 4 ounces). That's twice the recommended amount. I've read that I can safely feed 1 cup daily. Hopefully I won't need to feed that, but least I know I can if I need to. And although it's no where need the same amount of calories as the rice bran, hopefully it'll help. FWIW, the rice bran is (I think) 1500 calories/pound and the Cool Calories 100 is 250 calories/ounce (or 2000 calories/pound). Gus was getting roughly 3/4lb of rice bran, so about 1125 calories. He'll be getting 1000 calories with the 1/2c of Cool Calories... but it's 99% fat versus the 40ish% fat in the RB.