Friday, August 31, 2012

*crosses fingers*

Well, when I was out on Wednesday, Gus was sounder. So, that's definitely a start in the right direction! B cleared Gus (visually) to start work again, although taking it easy.

Plan is to begin with some walk work today and see how that goes. I'd like to do a little lunging before we start working under saddle, but with Gus's tendency to BFB (aka buck, fart, bolt) I don't think I'd like that added stress on his front end ... just not worth it to me. Hopefully the bugs won't be bad at all and we can work outside. We'll see.

Gus was also supposed to have his hooves trimmed and reset yesterday. Not sure if the farrier made it out or not, I guess he wasn't feeling the greatest according to the BM. Hopefully he's feeling better and Gus got his much needed pedicure. I guess I'll find out today when I'm out.

Photos to come.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Update on Gus.

While yesterday was typically "lesson" day, due to Gus's current circumstances I opted to not ride and save myself that little bit of $$ (to go towards a hopefully small vet bill tomorrow). B was just finishing up a lesson last night and wanted to see how Gus went on the lunge line. Needless to say, he's still very much over but *thankfully* only on the left fore - unless both of us are seeing wrong.

Upon further digging once back in the cross-ties, it looks like Gus may have sprung (or tried to in this case, since he wasn't successful) that LF shoe, which is causing some discomfort. Perhaps he has a rock/gravel/sand/debris wedged between the sole and the shoe? Honestly, with Gus, who really knows?

Slightly sprung LF shoe - gaping present towards the heel area.

Another view ... doesn't show how bad the gap really is. The shoe should be literally flush with the sole.

Another view of the whole hoof - well, side shot anyways.

So, plan still stands to have the vet out to look at Gus tomorrow. I'm really hoping that it was just a sprung shoe and some slightly pulled ligaments/tendons ... but knowing Gus like I do, that really won't be the case.

Here's a crappy, unedited video from last night ... it's short and sweet and sorta shows the odd movement of Gus. I would have liked to get another video, but B interrupted me while I was filming and I forgot to reshoot so you'll have to make do with what I managed to grab.

Updates to follow soon once I've heard back from the vet. Appointment is set for 11am tomorrow.

On to Gringo news - the poor boy has been sorely neglected by me for the past month or so. I feel horrible but life hasn't allowed me to really get out to see him - even Gus has "suffered" due to my crappy schedule as of late. Plan is to get out there tomorrow morning before work. I'd like to get some photos ... so we'll see if that's doable.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

An Update.

Well, the news wasn't good. Gus is scheduled to be seen by Dr. N on Friday. She's already got a visit scheduled out at the barn, so Gus is just tacking onto her books.

Here's what B had to say Monday evening:

I wish I had good news-but I don't.  If anything he looks a bit worse.  It also seems to be puffy at the top of the fetlock, and I think a it of heat in there?

Uggh! I could scream, however I don't think that'll help anything. So I'll refrain - for now. I did manage to upload the photos of Gus's "injury" the other night, so the following photos are from a week ago (August 8th).

Look at the far right side of his coronet band ...

View from the back ... the puncture wounds are on the left side now.

Close up. There are three areas, I believe. The upper left "slit", the dark reddish-brown circular area, an then another spot directly below that circular area ... that area was squishy and slightly warm.

This shows a better photo of that third site ... just below and to the left of the circular site (almost centered in the photo).

Scratches? Center at base of heel bulbs and also on back of pastern?
I had forgotten to mention (because I forgot) but I had noticed last Wednesday that Gus was back to landing on the outside of the LF and rolling the hoof forward and to the right. Not landing heel-toe. Uggh. I plan on getting out the barn tonight and seeing for myself how he looks ... weather and time permitting, I'll be taking new photos and perhaps some video, if he's still landing awkwardly.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Not again.

Well last Wednesday was lesson time again. And it came and went - in not such a good way. I had gone out to the pasture to bring Gus in for our lesson and noticed when he was walking on the concrete that his hoof beats weren't regular. Granted he's just shod up front, but the echo sounded off. He even looked off. So, I quickly picked out his hooves (which were PACKED with dirt and other debris) and walked him up and down the aisle. He looked better or so I thought...

We managed to get into the arena with no issues but it became apparent when I went to lunge him that he was off. It was hard to tell at first, but B thought it was left fore ... that's kinda what I thought as well. And well, he was "sound on down" or well, as the saying actually goes "down on sound" - so looked okay on the right fore.

Doing a little bit of digging around, it looked like he had nicked himself on his left fore coronet band (outside). Not sure how he did it, but ironically enough two years ago this past May, he had the EXACT same injury, same hoof and all. That was the beginning of the end though (see all of 2010's blog posts from May through January 2011) so I'm hoping he was just ultra sensitive to that injury.

On the right front, by the heel bulbs, he had some scratches (the infection, not superficial marks) so who knows if that is causing issues or not. He's never been that sensitive to scratches before, but with Gus you never know.

Photos to come and an update to follow. B was supposed to lunge Gus today for me as I am not able to make it out until Wednesday.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Wednesday's Recap

Well, as usual, I haven't been riding as much as of late. Mainly due to the extreme heat we've been dealing with here in MN but also because life has just gotten in the way.

I did end up working with Gringo on Monday (I think it was Monday anyways). He still looks to be slightly off in the front. I'm assuming the LF but I'm having a hard time telling for sure. He was being a really good boy though and I think, despite the fact that he's being worked with very irregularly, he's come a long ways since this spring. He truly does like to have a "job". Maybe one day we can do more then just w/t on the end of a long rope... One can only hope, right?

Wednesday morning I had a lesson. First one in about two weeks (first ride in about that same period of time as well) and Gus was a good boy. After the usual warmup lunging, we started our undersaddle work with serpentines, primarily three-loop. Instead of changing the bend on the center line, sometimes we kept the original bend the whole serpentine, while other times I started off with a counterbend, so that the middle loop was in true bend. The goal with this exercise was to (I think) get Gus moving more back to front and FLEXING and BENDING throughout his whole body ... not just faking it (and he's good at that).

Our canter work consisted of 20m circles at ABCE and a smaller 10-15m circle immediately proceeding the larger circle (still at that "major" letter). We then changed up the exercise a bit and worked on lengthening and collecting the canter stride on the circles ... 20m = lengthen, 10ishm = collect and long sides = working. The goal was to try to improve the quality of the canter and Gus's stamina. B really liked Gus's canter work on Wednesday, and I did as well. It's still quite funny how Gus will be just fine one minute and 30 seconds later, he's finished. Done. Exhausted.

I was really pleased with the lesson again. I had this whole week off work and well, haven't done much of anything (and still am not planning on doing much of anything) but my goal for the next few weeks is to go out and ride as much outside as I can (weather permitting) to try to improve Gus's stamina. Lots of long/low trot and canter work ... maybe some hills/cavalletti too. We'll see.