Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nothing new on the home front.

Well, nothing new yet... I was gone on vacation to Georgia last week and therefore haven't been out to the barn in forever (nearly two weeks, I think). So Saturday is THE DAY. The day the boys move to their new barn, hopefully permanently - least til I can move them to my place eventually. It's going to be a sad day; I just hope things go well with introducing the boys.

Otherwise, the trip to Georgia was awesome. I got loads of new clothes and a few horse items too... like two lead ropes, a stall chain, hay net, etc. But, I love my new shirts and gloves. So excited to finally wear them.

I'm seriously looking at getting a Flip Mino. It's a kind of video recorder that's all digital. I first saw it advertised on the blog, Behind the Bit (she's listed under my profile, I think). Love the way they provide clearer videos and the ease of use. Definitely want better quality video, but it's hard to do when my camera is only so good.

Anyways, nothing else is new. I'm sure I'll have plenty to talk about come this weekend, with the move and all... hopefully all good news.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Video.

Here's the video to go with those photos from my previous blog the other day. Note, the quality is pretty crappy, as it was also taken with my Blackberry... so everything is distorted (gaits are messed up, lighting stinks, etc) but it gets the point across.

He's still quite lame, but... he doesn't seem as horrible as he has been previously. We'll see how he changes (hopefully for the best) once he moves to his new boarding barn come May 1st. I'm pleased with his progress outside. The video posted above was only his second time since last fall that he'd been outside under saddle. I've noticed him being more and more spooky lately, but thankfully he kept his min together and was a good boy for me the other night.

Anyways, don't know too much else. I'm planning on going to Georgia next week. I'm super excited. Lots of fun tack shops to go check out and my good friend (who lives down there now) and I are planning on a good ol' fashioned trail ride. Super exciting! More to come later...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Some more photos!

Here's some new photos that were taken last night. Nevermind their quality... they were taken with my Blackberry.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Photos.

I've been bad lately about updating this blog. There's just been so much stuff to do, with the horses themselves and now my wedding plans. Anyways, here's some updates.

Gus had been progressing nicely. He's still off, but we're working a lot on just walking on. Easier said then done, but he's doing well. We've started walking outside again since the weather is FINALLY cooperating. It's so nice having nice, warm weather. Today was our second ride outside since last fall. He was pretty good. I've noticed him being spookier lately, but I think his vision is starting to go in the right eye.

Here's some photos I took this morning after our ride:

I think he looks okay... definitely could stand to lose some weight, but just a little bit. I'm hoping once we get him moved to his new boarding barn and change his diet that he'll start looking better.

And Gringo, well he's almost entirely shed out, unlike Gus - who's just starting. Gringo is looking great... butt high again, but otherwise weight is wonderful. He's in the ballpark of 1000lbs, which is ideal for him.
He's still barefoot... and seems to be moving better. He's still most definitely off, but he seems much more comfortable. Here's a photo of him after a recent grooming session. The pile of hair is deceiving... it was HUGE!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Totally off topic for the day today, but last Saturday I got engaged. I'm so excited and still in such shock. So the new BO will also be my new MIL! Should be interesting, to say the least. But I'm excited.

Back on topic...

Gringo is doing better. He's still lame but he's much more comfortable without shoes. Was trimmed again this past Wednesday. J noted a bit of white line separation !?!? and some thrush... so we're treating the thrush with some cow ointment (which really works) and going from there. Hopefully everything clears up asap.

Gus is the same. Still lame but no major changes... which is good. We went riding outside yesterday and he was okay. Very spooky and looky, but kept it all together. Hopefully he'll be better as the weeks progress. Time'll tell.