Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's been a while.

So, it's been a few days, err weeks, since I've last posted. Gus is steadily improving. He's been turned out by himself for about two weeks now. Things are going pretty good. He's still very stiff with that right hind leg, but he works out of it, to an extent. Gus is still turned out by himself, which is a very good thing. I'm hoping that we can keep that situation up indefinitely. It's in his best interests to be by himself.

I've been regularly applying Sore No More (the gelotion) after we work. Seems to help a bit, or at least it's not hurting anything.

Gus is still having issues picking up that left hind leg, when I go to clean his hoof. I can usually get it if I put I alot of weight into that left side, then he'll pop that hoof up just high enough for me to clean.

But, regardless of all of that, we've had a nice couple rides outside. Today we actually walked the cross-country course. Probably rode about 15 minutes. He was a good boy. I was very pleased with him, considering everything.

Gringo, on the other hand, has been as lazy as ever. He's just chilling in the pasture this winter. We'll try one last time in the spring to start him again. But, boy, is that guy a pig! I had to clean his tail the other day, couldn't believe how dirty it got without a bag on it. So, after a good shampooing (in 20 degree weather) it's now back in a tail bag, indefinitely.

More to come when I've got more time.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day Two

Well, the second day didn't go too bad. However, I found out that Gus was being an idiot yesterday in turnout, so he was quite a bit stiffer then normal. He did work out of it for the most part, but was still short strided. The right hind took about 2"-3" shorter steps then the left hind (not tracking up).

Tomorrow I'll be able to ride him again before work, but after that we're planning on turning him out and I'll work him as time allows. I hope he keeps his sanity. I can't stand it when he's being an idiot. He needs to realize that I'm doing the best I can for him and when he keeps doing stupid things, they are just hurting him in the long run.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

First ride in weeks!

Well, Gus and I had our first ride today since before Labor Day. He was exceptionally good, surprisingly. We were only supposed to walk for five minutes, but I lost track of time and ended up riding for about 6 1/2 minutes. No biggie.

Anyways, one lap around the indoor arena is about 1 minute, time-wise. Gus was pretty good tough. Very forward, which is a good thing, and was taking pretty even steps. He did keep wanting to jog off but listened well enough.

I put on his new Masta exercise sheet (see: Fits well enough and he wasn't too fazed. He'll be wearing that 90% of the time once we start working more, as we'll be riding outside, weather permitting.

Today, after our "ride", he got to go outside for turnout. First time in 3 weeks, well 23 days actually. He was very well behaved, least while I was watching him. I hope he stays sane and doesn't pull any sh*t. I just can't deal with another major setback.

I'll keep posting as thing progress.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


So, had my weekly lesson tonight on H. She's a great little mare... Arab/QH cross most likely. A bit opinionated, but what horse isn't? Well, was talking with the BO and she was inquiring about Gus. Wanted to know if I'd trotted him yet. Said I hadn't. Wasn't instructed to.

Well, that being said, I did attempt to trot him in hand last night. Boy was that a disaster. He was in such pain... or seemed like it anyways. Wouldn't move out at all. Was crabbing at me and breathing really heavily. He was also very short strided, especially with that right hind leg. I'm now off to consult with the vet, again, to see where to now.

The original plan was to start walking under saddle this weekend, then turnout (privately) afterwards. I'm hoping that's okay with the vet. I was under the assumption back in May/June that trotting under saddle only came once that back end was strengthen back up. So, we'll see. Hope I have good new from vet once I hear back from her.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Almost done!

Well, I'm hoping that I'll soon be having positive information to report on here. Saturday (Nov. 15th) will mark 23 days of stall rest for Gus. I'm hoping that our first "ride" will go smoothly. I am planning on hopping on for about 5 minutes on Saturday morning, just walking around. I think we'll plan on starting the turnout on Monday - maybe yet this weekend, still kinda undecided.

I did talk to the BO, briefly via email, but sounds like we can have private turnout for a while at least. Then, once the barn gets filled back up we'll either have to do 1/2 turnout or have a buddy. So, we'll see what happens but I'm glad we can do half turnout for the time being - once that time comes.

I am really hoping that this transition goes well and there are no setbacks so please keep fingers crossed for Gus and me. This will be our second attempt at rehabbing... and I really don't need any more complications.

Plan is to start walking daily, starting with 5 minutes and adding a couple minutes every other day, building up to 45 minutes of walking. This was much easier back over the summer because it was nice out and we could do all of our riding outside. Not the case this time around. I do plan on riding out a lot, but it gets dark earlier and is so cold right now. I do have the exercise sheet (i.e. Masta rump rug) handy and a wool exercise sheet if really needed...

More updates by Saturday, hopefully.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Higher then a kite!

So, Monday I took Gus for our usual walk outside after cleaning his stall. Boy, what gorgeous November day. It was 70+ and just beautiful, slightly windy but I'll take it. And, was Gus higher then a kite or what!?! I lost track of home many times he attempted to bolt off on me. He was just being a little sh*t. Decided from now on he'll be handwalked with a bridle and chain... no plain halter anymore, just isn't work the risks.

He was much better on Tuesday when we went for our walk. A little high, but still behaving. He's tracking both hind legs well... moving pretty forward. I'm pleased with this progress and hope that we can find a solution to the turnout here shortly (i.e. private turnout is a must).

I did give Gus that Ponypop treat back yesterday... so we'll see how much molasses I gotta clean up tonight when I get there. If it's pretty bad, I'll definitely have pictures to post. I know I'll be needing to clean his sheet so that'll be coming home with me tonight.

Anyways, no news on Gringo.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, but the Previcox came Monday. So, Gus has been on it for oh almost three days now. I'm really hoping that this helps him and Gringo. Gringo will be starting his dosage this Friday (left the stuff at the barn accidentally). Will keep CoG2 updated on the (hopefully successful) Previcox and if it works for the boys.