Friday, October 31, 2008

Stall Rest For Another Two Weeks

So, talked to Dr. N. She wants Gus to be on stall rest for a total of 2-3 weeks. We're going to aim for three week. Then basically follow the same protocol that was prescribed by Dr. T back in June for Gus's initial injury. Stay tuned to Gus's progress, again.

Otherwise, it's a lovely fall day (Halloween) here in the good ol' central part of the U.S. Pretty unusual too, actually. Wish I had a horse to ride, would be an excellent day for a good trail ride after work. Perhaps in a few weeks?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gus Update

Well, today after cleaning up the mess Gus made the night before, we went for a walk outside today. He was really forward, which was nice. He moved right out of most of the stiffness. I think we walked around a mile today, maybe 3/4 of a mile, but it was a nice distance. Walked to the top of the hill and back.

Gus was tracking up very well with both hind legs. No real bad steps. Forward and energetic. Happy. It was nice seeing him so enthusiastic. I'm going to contact the vet again and see what our next step will be.

Back in May/June, Dr. T (the specialist) recommended daily walkings. Then we progressed to 5 minute walks under saddle, progressing up to 30-45 minutes over the course of a few weeks (like three). After he was worked (at a walk) under saddle, he got turned out. That regime worked really well and he was returning to soundness, slowly but steadily.

The only problem with that plan this time though is that the turnout is causing more bad then good. He's turned out with another horse and I think that is about 90% of the problem. So, I'm looking forward to what Dr. N recommends. I'll keep this updated.

The boys...

Boys'll be boys, as the saying goes. So here's some recent (taken yesterday) shots of the kids:

Gringo modeling his lovely Best Friends Grazing Muzzle - it works, by the way.

Gringo just looking pretty.

Gus's favorite past time, eating. He's chomping away at a Pony Pop in his photo, complete with his "sweat band" - i.e. the Miracle Collar.

I really should have gotten a photo of Gus this morning, before I cleaned him up. That pony pop... needless to say, he ended up wearing a lot of it overnight. He has sticky stuff (it's a grain based treat with a molasses "glue") all over his face, neck and blanket. ALL OVER. He was just comical when I got to the barn this morning. Just a hoot. Has this "Aut Oh, she's back!" look on his face. It was pretty cute.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Gus is bored.

So, Gus is bored to death! He's been stuck inside since last Wednesday (so almost a week) and he's just bored. I guess he has decided to attempt to redecorate his stall again. Removing his halter, flinging around his feed pan and attempting to destroy his blankets.

The hand walking is going well and he's usually a bit more fluid by the end of it, but he's so very, very stiff. Not on anything for the pain right now... waiting for the Previcox prescription to come in. I'm a bit PO'd that the pharmacy hasn't filled it yet. Very frustrating.

And, with regards to the hand walking, Gus decided to chomp on the decorative pumpkin (well, it's a real one, but it was sitting there just for looks) that was sitting on the ground near the rail. I couldn't believe it. Well, I should say that I should believe it but seriously... what a dork.

So, any suggestions for a horse that will eat anything? He's not one to play with things and he cribs (out of boredom as much as it is from pain...).

Another, are you serious?

So, Gringo had his shoes reset this afternoon. Tried something new today and gave him a gram of bute about 20 minutes before the farrier showed up. It did seem to help a little, but then he has also had bute in his system for a couple weeks now. Thankfully we didn't need to use the dom/torb sedation that the vet gave me to give!

Well, anyways, he'd been off lately - more so then what's usual for him. Well, being such the bad mom I am, I didn't realize that he had two splints. They are new, but how new is what is stumping me. One on both front leg, high inside of both cannon bones. Go figure. Gonna do a bit of research to find out if there's anything I can do to minimize them. Doesn't seem to be bothering him at all right now so we'll see.

That being said, he's also got a horizontal crack on the outside heel of his right front. About 1 to 1 1/2 inches long. The farrier (we'll call her J) said it could be due from a trauma to that area... specifically the coronet band, and now it's just growing out. Shouldn't cause any problems but knowing my WONDERFUL luck, it will.

So, here's the pictures of the lovely splints:

Left Front

Right Front

Both Fronts

Any suggestions? I think I need to invest in some bubble wrap...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Stall Rest for Gus

Well, after talking it over with the vet and BO, we decided to keep Gus on stall rest for the time being. So Thursday was the first day he was left in, and I guess he couldn't have been any happier. Go figure. Being on stall rest, again, means I gotta get up early every day, even my days off, to clean his stall. Otherwise, I get charged an extra $5/day since it'll have to be cleaned twice.

But, thankfully, he seems to be doing okay on his second day of stall rest. We're putting his hay into piles around his stall so he keeps moving. Seems like the more he moves the better that leg is, to an extent. I found out just prior to his recent injury, he was out running (i.e. trotting and cantering) in his paddock. Idiot.

I'm also getting a new pain med for both boys. Interestingly enough, Equioxx (firocoxib) is the same thing as the canine Previcox, but about 4% of the cost (actually only $ 0.40/day). Thankfully I was able to get a script written so I can order it online. Stay tuned for updates on how that drug works... gonna put both boys on it.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lame, again!

I'm really fed up with my life. Really. So today was supposed to be Gus's photo op, but that didn't go as planned. I haven't been out to the barn since Wednesday evening. He was fine then. He actually had a new horse turned out with him (again). This guy we'll call N. Well, supposedly they were getting along just fine. Fast forward a couple days.

When I got to Gus's turnout, he was reluctant to move towards the gate. This in itself isn't too uncommon as Gus is big into eating... but in recent weeks he's been meeting me at his turnout gate. So, as he's moving I notice immediately that he's off. Looks like it's the right hind. Got him into the barn easily enough and as I go to take off his blanket I notice that it got shredded... no biggie as this is an older blanket that I'd like to "die" off. Under those two rips (left shoulder and left flank) there were no major bumps/bruises/etc. He had a little nick on his flank that's new, but it's nothing major. But on his right rib cage he's missing a huge chunk of skin. It'll be about a fist size once all the dead stuff sloughs off. It's VERY painful to the touch.

Getting back to his hind legs though, he was having a hard time putting weight on the right hind, again. Looks like he reaggravated that stifle. I was able to finally get all four hooves cleaned out, but it was no easy task. He's in a lot of pain.

So much for that photo op. We did attempt to get some photos but he was miserable. It warmed back up abit today and the flies were bothering Gus like there's no tomorrow. So, nothing turned out that spectacular. I'll post a photo or two later once I get around to editing the good ones.

Anyways, I got a call into the vet again about Gus. I'm thinking we're gonna need to do stall rest again until he's more comfortable. And then, I'm contemplating about switching Gus and Gringo around... definitely need to talk to Gringo's BO, but something needs to change. This isn't working when Gus keeps getting beat up. It's not fair to him whatsoever.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fall Photo Op

Well, I decided to tried advantage of the lovely fall foliage this weekend to get some nice photos of Gringo (Gus's to come at a later date). So, of the 60 or so photos my mother took, these are a few of the handful that turned out well. Gringo is such a ham when it comes to photo ops. Go figure, right?

(I like this one the best.)

On a not so light note, he's still very much lame. Still having weight bearing issues with that left front. He'll be back on bute now for a while... just need to add it to his supps. Oh, and today he got his second DD of ivermectin. Still no issues, per say. No bumps, excessive itching, etc. We'll see how these next couple weeks go... I'm hoping no issues.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Well, Dr. N was out...

So, Dr. N was out to take a look at Gus's bump. Did x-rays. Well, the results are back. It's a soft tissue injury. Treatment plan is cold hosing/ice 2x day, until the bump is gone, I think. And he's gotta stay quiet. Thankfully he's pretty mellow on turnout, so at least he doesn't need to do stall rest again. Sheesh... the last time he was on stall rest (basically all of May and part of June) was just miserable.

I did change a few things up with Gus though. He's been on tums because the bute he was on was giving him ulcer-like symptoms. Well, since he was put back on bute early in September, he started cribbing like it was going out of style. So, he's got his crib collar back on and he's got a few new meds. He gets two 1000mg Tums daily plus 2 Prilosec tabs, all in his PM grain. Also, when I'm out, he's been getting 25-30 cc of Maalox. I've noticed that he's been a much happier guy and doesn't seem to be cribbing at all (or attempting to, from what I've noticed). He's also off the bute now and on a herbal alternative, called Releaf.

Hopefully this bump will heal fast though, although I've been told it could take months to fully heal. Here's hoping that I have a better spring next year then I did this year...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Why me?

So, I had my weekly lesson last night (Wednesday) on another horse (again). This time it was Holly. I've never ridden Holly before, so that was a nice change.

Anyways, when I brought Gus in from the paddock, his LH was still swollen, obviously. However, it was EXTREMELY warm to the touch. It was cold out yesterday so the other three legs were nicely cool to the touch. Not the LH. Sheesh. I rewrapped it again last night and applied Surpass. I left instructions for the BO to remove tomorrow and then throughout the whole next week we'll be sweating the leg again (except for a couple days where it'll just be Surpassed and the rewrapped).

I will have a call into the vet, again, to see if we should be icing the leg again for awhile. Just frustrating (like pulling hair out frustrating!).

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm depressed.

So, I had a long email "chat" with G2's vet yesterday. It's said to say, but I think we've hit our wall, financially and emotionally. She doesn't think there's too much left to do with either boy and it's really hitting me hard. Gringo was to be Gus's "replacement" because I was starting to have more soundness issues with Gus back in 2006. Well, unfortunately he fell VERY short on that mark and now I've got two pasture potatoes, for life.


Anyways, I'm thinking about talking with the BF again about moving Gringo back out to his parents' house this next spring... possibly even Gus, depending on how much he improves. I hate to field board Gus, but the BF's parents (mom) took EXCELLENT care of Gringo last year when he was there. And, she's got three other oldies... just put her 32 year old mare to sleep this summer due to basically old age, and complications due to having uveitis.

I'm just bummed out on life. I'm thinking, seriously, about taking a break from riding. As much as I hate to do it, it's just not the same when I can't ride Gus... and now not being able to work with Gringo, what's the point of riding? I just want to spend time giving the boys some much deserved love and attention. Poor Gus seems almost upset to see me riding another horse, it's sad to see.

I'll update on the boys again at a later date.