Saturday, December 6, 2008

I can't believe it's December already!

It's hard to believe that the year is almost over, yet again. Very depressing but nothing you can do about it. It's cold out and it's getting icy... I hate it.

So, Gus is doing well. He's still lame but he's more then willing to work. We've been "working" in the indoor these last few days as it has been so cold out. Probably walking for about 15-20 minutes total, with about 2-3 minutes of trot work. Just long and low. He's happy to move out a little bit. He's still very off when he moves out but it seems to help loosen him up a bit more.

Gringo seems to be doing well also. He hasn't been worked in months (i.e. since early August) but he doesn't act any worse for wear. He's been on Previcox every other week or two for the last month. It seems to have helped him as much as it's been helping Gus (who's been on Previcox daily for about a month now). He's not nearly as "ouchy" as he was before. He's still slightly off, from what I can tell, but I think it's more just stiffness then anything else.

The boys are both happily chomping on lots of hay and wearing their heavier blankets now. Gus is in about 370g fill and Gringo's in his midweight blanket, which is 220g, plus a fleece liner. Hopefully we won't have to add more layers anytime soon... otherwise it's gonna be a long winter!

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