Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March Madness (and we're not talking about basketball)

Can you believe it's already (almost) the middle of March? I'm so glad that time is moving on, but it seems like it's just moving too fast. I've not updated this blog in nearly a month. Sheesh. Where has time gone?

Anyways, both boys had their spring vaccines this morning by Dr. N at AE. She's a great vet... reminds me of our old vet, Dr. N at the old barn (two different woman vets with the same initials).

Gringo had his Coggins test, Flu/Rhino, E/W/Tetanus, Rabies and West Nile vaccines. Dr. N said he looks to be in good weight and his teeth are still looking well, but will probably need to be done in August. According to my records, his teeth haven't been done since the fall of '08. Crazy, huh?

Gus also had his Coggins test, E/W/Tetanus and Rabies vaccines done. I'll be vaccinating him in a couple weeks for Flu/Rhino and West Nile. I'm hoping to have the old Dr. N do his Strangles vaccine the first part of April, once he's at the new barn. Because he is Insulin Resistant, it's in his best interests to spread the vaccines over the course of a month or so... otherwise it can trigger a laminitic episode. And I definitely DON'T want that.

So, because Gus is IR, I also had Dr. N pull blood to test him for Cushings again. We did the ACTH "baseline" test, or the Endrogenous test (I think I got the spelling right). We're also rechecking is blood glucose and insulin levels to make sure they are still within the normal limits. And just for good measure, we're also rechecking this thyroid levels (T3/T4). I should have those results back within a couple weeks at most.

I've got photo-overload for this post and the proceeding post. It's LONG overdue to post some photos of the boys. So, these photos are of Gus which were taken 3/1. It was beautifully SUNNY out that day, and if I recall correctly, the temperature was in the high 30s.

Note the LONG tail! It's about midway down the cannon bone now. I'm hoping it stays nice and long throughout the summer months.

Not a bad photo of Gus's "off" side. It's hard to take photos of his right side since that's the side where he's got Uveitis... so normally that eye is always squinting. Needless to say, I got some decent photos this time around.

That dip about the withers is NOT from a cresty neck. It's due to his mane... The photo is kinda deceiving though.

More photos to come!

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