Friday, July 2, 2010

Boots + Pads

So, yesterday J (the farrier) tried something new. She put Gus in his Boa Boots (those aren't new...) and added a 2 degree wedge pad, if I recall correctly. Per the vet's instructions (and in talking to B, the BO/Trainer) we are treating Gus as if he has Navicular or another issue (ie fetlock arthritis). I guess the point is to keep his heels and toes in check. Basically, not allowing him to grow long toes or underslung heels. The sad thing is he's much happier (and more comfortable) with his hooves like that.

I guess Gus walked into the barn yesterday afternoon lame and left, boots and pads, sound. B is under strict guidelines to monitor his hooves daily to make sure the Boa's aren't rubbing or causing any other issues. That particular brand of hoof boots is NOT made to be worn 24/7. I'm hoping that the combo helps and if he's looking better within a week we'll see about applying shoes, I think.

Next step, otherwise, would include a more diagnostic approach - either x-rays or an ultrasound. Who knows? I'm hoping he gets better, but honestly if the boots + pads don't work, I think I'll just toss him out to pasture until after the wedding (which is in 29 days, whohoo!) and start from scratch again when I have more time.

I really need to post those photos. I plan on taking more again today... perhaps some video too if I can locate my mom's camera. Her camera takes much better photo then my cell phone.

I haven't been out to see Gringo lately either. I plan on either going out today or tomorrow, weather/traffic permitting. Although I can't really use either as an excuse since he only lives 20 minutes from me, whereas Gus is now nearly 45 minutes away (but only 20 from work).

Hope everyone has a great (and safe) 4th of July.

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