Saturday, September 26, 2009


Sheesh! It's been another bad month of blogging for me again. Sorry about that. Nothing horribly new to report, other then that Gus got the green light. Vet says he's pretty darn sound to keep doing what we're doing, as far as work goes. He said he's still slightly off in the right hind and there's a bit more fluid in the right stifle then what's in the left, but even after flexions he's still fairly sound. That report makes me so very, very happy.

On to other news though, he did have his teeth checked earlier this week and he had an ulcer in his right lower cheek. I guess he had some very sharp points in his teeth and that lead to the ulcer development. It's sad to say, but he just had his teeth done in April.

Gringo, well, he's doing fine as always. Vet said his teeth were just fine and that he's an "easy keeper" and that I'll probably only need to do his teeth every two years. Makes me happy if that's the case... but he'll still be checked twice a year, as always.

Neither boy needed to have their flu/rhino vaccine boostered, since they are now boarding at a closed stable. So, that saved me some money, which was nice. Gus also had his bloodwork rechecked - that would be the blood glucose/insulin stuff. Vet said it would be a one week turn around, so hopefully that's truly the case and the results will say that everything looks good (and the levels are back within normal ranges). We shall see though.

Here's some new photos of the boys, again crappy quality as they were taken with my Blackberry Curve phone.

[Note: Gus was under heavy sedation for these photos... he had just had his teeth floated. I think he's lost even more muscle tone since the last photos were taken, but that's just me.]

Vet said he's not at all shocked by the lack of muscle in Gus's hindquarters. He said because of the stifle injuries, he'll likely never use his hind end like he used to. So, who knows if I'll be able to get that bum built back up. I'm going to try work with cavalettii this spring, but we'll see.
Any suggestions, as always, are appreciated.
Oh, and we changed their diets again. Gringo's grain was decreased down to 1/2 lb daily and Gus's was bumped up to 2 1/2 lbs daily. We're also adding about 1 - 1 1/2 cups of alfalfa pellets daily too... I'm wanting to add more of something (maybe try TC Senior???) but I'm waiting to see what the bloodwork results show. I did up his beet pulp to 1 1/2 lbs dry weight, but again, he's only getting that when I'm able to feed it. Right now that's maybe 2 times a week... hoping to change that soon though.

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