Friday, October 9, 2009

Diet changes, again.

Yep. We're changing Gus's diet yet again. What's new, right? Well, after talking to a Triple Crown rep, I've decided to add some TC Senior to Gus's diet.

So, that being said, we're decreasing his TC Lite back down to 2lbs daily. He's also going to be getting 1lb of TC Senior to start with (well, actually starting with 1/2lb daily and slowly increasing that until he's at a full pound daily) and we'll adjust that as needed. He's still on 1/2lb of alfalfa pellets too.

While talking to the rep, he noted that Gus does not need to be getting a vit/min supp anymore as he's getting the recommended 2lbs of TC Lite daily and that should meet his requirements, that and he's getting the other stuff too (TC Senior and alfalfa pellets).

Hopefully we'll begin to notice a more dramatic change in Gus's weight here in the coming weeks. Otherwise, I'll bump up the TC Senior to 1.5lbs, possibly two pounds and go from there. If needed, I will be decreasing the TC Lite...

He's still getting the beet pulp when I'm out there to feed it. I do need to try to come up with a better situation to feed it though. Not sure what I'm going to do. I also want to check with other local feed stores to see if they carry the molasses free beet pulp, so I don't have to be so anal about rinsing it so well. As it stands, he's getting about 1.5lbs of BP every 2-3 days or thereabouts.

Also, next month (at the beginning of the month) I'm going to do my first ever "powerpak". I've got my Safe Guard ready, and figured both boys would get the 50mg daily dosage. I'm hoping Gringo doesn't decide to go on a hunger strike at the same time, because I'll be having the BO just dump the dose in with his grain. So, for those 5 days or so I may have her feed him a little extra, or throw in some of Gus's TC Senior to make it more appealing.

Anyways nothing else new with either of the boys. Next week the new farrier comes to visit. He'll be known as L. He's supposed to be a nice guy, but we shall see. I made a fool of myself again... I always do that when talking with someone new on the phone. I hate phone conversations. But, he does come recommended from J and her mentor too. He supposedly studied under J's mentor also.

I did get a ride in on Gus this week too... and I was pleased with how well behaved he was. Yes, he was above the bit, hollow and lazy, but he was still pretty darn sound. Did a few canter laps around the south field and he was pretty consistent... very few mis-steps this time around. I am hoping for a few more days of decent weather, so we can keep up the canter work but I'm not holding my breath. It's supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow, ugghh that's way TOO early in the season. It's MN though, so what can I say?

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