Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 1. First day of new diet.

So, here's some shots I took this past Wednesday. This was the first day of Gus's new diet. I plan on keeping a record via photos on how he progresses. True, he is getting hairy-er... but I should still be able to see improvements.

Here goes nothing:

These first few are during our ride and right afterwards... excuse the sweat patches on Gus. He's still quite a bit outta shape.

And, here's the ones of Gus minus the saddle... Ribs are quite visible, but he is chowing down on hay at the moment in most of these photos. Just standing, sans saddle and not eating, the ribs aren't nearly as visible. I'm just not sure anymore, but I'm hoping I'll start seeing more progress - in a positive way.

So, what do you think? I see some progress, just nothing like I had hoped for. I'm hoping he's looking better now... we'll see how he looks tomorrow when I'm out again. It does help, I think, that he's wearing his turnout sheet 24/7 currently. That helps keep him warm and not have to worry those calories away.

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