Friday, November 25, 2011

Legend offers some relief.

So, I finally managed another ride yesterday on Gus. First ride since my last post (so just over a week since I worked with - and saw, Gus) and I'd have to say that I think the Legend offered some relief from arthritic aches and pains.

On Wednesday of this week Gus received his first Legend injection in months. I'm checking with the vet, cause I could've sworn that Gus had a Legend injection (IV) done back in August, but according to my records I'm mistaken. So we'll see... otherwise it's been since May that Gus had any sort of joint/IM injection.

He was definitely a lot more comfortable working yesterday undersaddle. On the lunge he was moving out nicely, still not reached forward as much as I'd like. But for Gus, it was decent.

We focused primarily on repeating the exercises that we did the week prior. So we did the ribbon at the walk, followed by some trot serpentines, ending with some shoulder-fores/ins before starting the canter work. Cantering was done in the same fashion as we've done in rides past. I started off with the counter-canter, right off the bat and worked Gus in large figure-8s. Gus definitely has a difficult time maintaining the right lead canter while counter-cantering... if you can follow that. He's much better on the left lead. Regardless though, the canter has improved greatly and all the issues I had last week seem to be non-existent again. Not sure if it's the Legend working that well or the fact that Gus didn't have a full bladder...

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