Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Catching Up.

It's been a while since I've done an update. So, here's the rundown since my last post.

Last week, the week before Christmas, Gus had his hooves done again. And again, I'm not really impressed. I feel like I can't get anywhere with the farrier... it's like a one-way street, as far as communication goes. The toes especially seem to be too long.

Here's the photos, in the usual order:

Looks like that wavy line may finally grow out. Next trim perhaps?

Then on Thursday, Gus saw Dr. K again (the chiropractor). He was out in the same places again. Mainly in the poll, withers and SI region. We didn't have the grazing muzzle (aka Hannibal contraction) available, so Gus was a bit more of a pain then usual. But, he's ubber sensitive when it comes to body work, so it's a bit understandable.

Dr. K was pleasantly surprised with how good Gus looked. She suggested going three to four months until the next visit. This last appointment was at three months. I'm thinking we'll see how he looks at three months out and go from there. Sooner appointment if needed, otherwise we'll wait it out.

As far as riding goes, I had a good lesson last Wednesday. Warming up on the lunge line, we had two cavalletti poles set up at 18' intervals. One in was raised on a bloc and basically Gus had to trot and canter through the line. The goal was to avoid that dreaded extra step at the trot that Gus tends to throw in at the end. Ehh, sometimes he nailed it and other times he botched it. Once we had a couple nice trips, we reversed directions and repeated the other direction.

Undersaddle work consisted of mainly working on straightness in all three gaits. It's much more difficult then you'd think. Especially when you don't have the rail to help keep all the parts in line. Gus was a decent enough sport though and we managed a couple nice strides of straightness. Definitely did not have nice, straight lines - yet. That's the goal.

Today, undersaddle work was a disaster. Gus was so preoccupied with dust and light. He kept shying away at the shadows on the arena walls and footing. What a goofball. I did make him trot and canter through the 18' line of cavalletti poles. Kinda interesting, to say the least. I think if I want to use the poles in the future, I'll make them on the long sides ...

Gus is still on an anti-food strike. He's really not wanting to eat his grain at all, especially not in the mornings. So, in order to see if we can trick in him into eating, I've decreased his grain in the mornings from 1 1/2lbs to 1lb and kept him at 1 1/2lbs at night, for the time being. He does tend to finish his grain overnight though so if worse comes to worse, we'll just up his PM grain (which I was going to do in the first place and kinda forgot to day when I set up grain for the next three weeks).

Here's a few random shots of Gus from earlier this month:

And now, on to Mr. Gringo. Today was pedicure day for Gringo. He was a trooper, like always. For the most part, I'm pleased with how L does Gringo's hooves. There seems to be a bit unevenness once in a while (as far as not being symmetrical when viewed from above) but overall, I'm happy with Gringo's hooves.

Here's the photos from today. Keep in mind that they are taken on an uneven surface ... hence the crookedness to some of the photos:

I also was able to get some body shots. Definitely nothing spectacular ... but it's hard to photograph a horse who won't stand still using a cell phone. One of these days I really need to drag out the real camera again.

Here's hoping for the best for both my boys in 2012. I really do deserve (as do they) a year free from the headaches and stress that I've been dealt these past few years... truly I do.

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