Monday, December 19, 2011

Quadrille 101

Yesterday was day 1 of the start of our winter quadrille season. It was a blast. Simply put, a quadrille is a group of horses and riders performing in union. Instead of being just four riders though, we had six this go-round. Organized chaos... and at times not so organized.

I was really pleased with Gus though. He's such a trooper. We got into the arena about thirty minutes before the practice started, mainly so I could spend a few minutes lunging Gus and getting him all warmed up. Definitely thought it was in his best interest to be nice and limber before starting the practice... considering his the oldest and most arthritic horse in the group. Haha. Nearly two hours later, we were finally done. Gus was exhausted, and I wasn't too far behind him.

Other then that, Gus seems to be doing well enough. He's getting his hooves done again on Wednesday so I'll reserve any judgment until then. Needless to say, I've not been happy lately.

Gringo is still doing okay. I feel bad that he's truly been on the back burner. I owe him a nice, long grooming session one of these days. Maybe on Christmas... we'll see. I desperately need to get some photos taken of Gringo (and Gus, for that matter) so I'm hoping to try to get that done soon... hard to do though when I'm the only one out there.

Regarding the quadrille - it sounds like we're going to try to make this an ongoing Sunday afternoon thing at the barn. The next two weeks are holidays, of course, so nothing is planned then. But going forward, the barn will be having practice sessions. Can't wait!

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