Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bath Time!

I should've gotten "before" photos, but here are the "after" shots:

I wish I could've gotten a shot of Gringo with his tail down ... the flies where horrible!

A nearly perfectly white tail. Gringo's tail is not naturally white-white. The top is whiter, while the bottom is a bit yellow. Comes with the fact that he was born a dark liver chestnut and grey'd/varnished out.  Still pretty though. 

He was so shiny clean, that you can see the white skin poking through ... you can even see the darker grey/black skin underneath as well. 

What a pretty boy.
So, after spending a good half hour grooming and bathing Gringo (his first bath - with shampoo and all in like two years), we took a little walk around the property. I had plans to work Gringo this morning but when I got out to the barn, I noticed that the outside hoof wall on the right front hoof was all broken up. It's a good thing that I've got the farrier lined up to come on Wednesday. Granted, he's way overdue (10 weeks out - I prefer 6-7 weeks during the summer months), but he still shouldn't have had that breakage. I'll get some pre & post trim photos on Wednesday.

I was totally impressed with how well behaved Gringo was with the bath today. I guess it shouldn't surprise me as he's pretty laid back about everything else, but he was remarkably well behaved. Even after I accidentally squirted him right in the chest with the hose - full force. Oops!

So what did the little devil do just seconds after I let him loose in his pasture? He rolled. And rolled. And rolled ... No after shots of that. It would just be too depressing. Haha. Goofy horse.

Well, til next time.

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