Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Continuing On ... Part 2

[Part 2]

So, after spending the first part of the day with Gus, I had to head off to the in-laws to meet L for Gringo's pedicure appointment. As I think I mentioned before,  Gringo sustained a large break in his hoof wall. Not sure how it happened, although in all likelyhood it was due to the extremely dry & hot weather, but here are the photos of the Grand Canyon of all cracks/breaks/chips.


A really crappy shot, but it kinda shows how bad the hoof wall has gotten.

L showed up on time and after asking him a few questions about Gringo's hooves, here are the results post trim.

Closeup of what's left of the Grand Canyon of cracks ... not much.

Another view, post trim. Not sure why there is no concavity to Gringo's hooves ... but well, if he stays sound, that's all that matters in the end.
I was going to work with Gringo this afternoon after his trim, but it was already getting pretty warm (80ish with high humidity) and I just wasn't in the mood to work up a sweat again. So, hopefully I'll get some time in with him this next week. The last week of July/early August I have off, so I think I'm going to try to get in as much Gringo time as I can. I'd love to have him going undersaddle yet this year ... so, we'll see. 

Gringo got some body shots done as well. If they look a little awkward, it's because I had to straighten all the images due to the barn floor being really uneven.

Gringo also was dewormed today. I've decided to just deworm whenever he gets trimmed. It may not be the most "correct" way, but it's practical and I'll remember. Or least I have a better chance of remembering. So today he got a dose of Equimax. Next time it'll probably be Equimax again or maybe I'll do the PowerPak. Not sure ... gonna read up on what rotation I should get him going on.

Until later!

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