Thursday, February 7, 2013

Introducing Gus, the "Hothouse Flower"

Boy oh boy, if you didn't already know ... Gus is a very special horse and he's very delicate. And he's very, Very, VERY frustrating at times.

Yesterday was Wednesday, which makes it a well known fact that I usually have a lesson those days. Well, yesterday wasn't any different and I decided to pull Gus out of the pasture and see what we were working with.

Things started off pretty rough. He looked pretty comfortable w/t/c on the left, but switching to the right it became apparent that he was still off. B decided we should try to work him through it and boy did he. By the time I added the side reins on, he was moving so nicely on the right rein. So, I switched back to the left (like I always do) to finish up another five minutes with the side reins. And then he tripped.

Seriously. That's all he did. One bad step, and in the grand scheme of things it wasn't even a horribly bad step, but he was dead lame again. On the left. And he previously hadn't been off when going to the left. Bad step happened when he caught his left front toe ... look liked he kinda knuckled over a bit on that fetlock. But with Gus, who knows?

So, we tried the other direction again ... dead lame as well. Honestly, I've never met a horse that hurts himself as much as Gus does.

Back on bute he went ... I opted for 2g last night and this morning, and then 1g twice a day for the next six days. HOPEFULLY he pulls out of this one as it looks like the potential leaser (who I haven't heard from in nearly a month) is still interested.

Gringo got neglected yesterday but my plan is to work him Friday morning, as I don't have to head into work until 3pm. Gus will also be reevaluated on Friday.

Gus also got some new additions to his shoes ... some studs were added on Monday when J was out to reset him. Pretty nifty. The studs were only added in his heels, to help grab the ice should he slip. I'm hoping they help, and don't hinder, Gus. I guess with everything else, only time will tell. Photos to come soon. I promise.

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