Monday, February 4, 2013

Gus and the Chiropractor

Well, as the title suggests, I was able to finally get a chiropractor out to see Gus this past Saturday. We had a new guy come out, we'll call him Dr.R. And, needless to say, Dr. R found a lot of things wrong with Gus. Besides being out in his withers and SI joint (and multiple places along his spine) Gus had quite a few ribs out. And putting those ribs back into place was not a pleasant task. My horse has turned into Hannibal Elector. He actually BIT the chiro! I couldn't believe it. Normally Gus misses but I guess this time he hit his mark. I was absolutely MORTIFIED.

Good news, though, is that I think the ribs plus the back being out of alignment were what was causing all of Gus's issues. I had meant to get out to the barn on Sunday, but opted to be lazy and just take photos of another horse south of town. Then I did some shopping (unsuccessfully) and got back home in time to watch "the big game". Blah. I could care less about football, but the commercials are usually pretty good. Only the Budweiser Clydesdales and the Dodge Ram commercials were good, least in my book.

Gringo still seems to be doing okay. We had a "lesson" last Wednesday. We primarily worked on learning how to do half-halts on the lunge. Gringo is such a smart boy! He figured them out fairly quickly. Sadly though, the half-halts don't quite make the same impression on him at the canter ... so we definitely need to work on that.

His new task he learned, in addition to the half-halts, was the start of leg-yields. Boy oh boy was that scary! Leg yielding to the R rail seemed to go fairly well. Going to the L rail? A disaster, of nearly epic proportions. He lost it. Multiple times. So, B suggested working in front of him and asking him to move over, gradually we'll start working more and more on that from the back. But, it's a start. He's a quick learner, so I'm sure he'll eventually figure out what it is I'm asking when we're going to the right (and he's moving L ... confusing, I know).

Anyways, today Gus was supposed to get his new studs in. So we'll see how those are working out for him when I'm out again on Wednesday. I plan on *hopefully* working Gus this Wednesday in my lesson. If all else fails, I'll do another lesson with Gringo. We'll see ... as I can't make it out to the barn until Wednesday anyways.

ETA: So, Gus didn't get his shoes and studs done until February 6th. Here's the photos from his last trim and reset. They are in their usual order.


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