Saturday, September 27, 2008

Conformation Shots

Well, I went out to see Gringo today after work. He's still lame, go figure right? He doesn't seem nearly as bad as he was on Thursday, but he's still definitely off.

So today I decided to snap some new conformation shots of Gringo. I've not done that in a while, so here goes. Feel free to critic.

I'm particularly partial to the "butt" shot... gotta love those Appy spots. And that dang tail of his, I spent about 30 minutes trying to clean that today (shampooing and all). Well, I finally decided that it's going back in a tail bag until next spring.

This next shot is a photo of that scrape on Gringo's right hind leg, just above the hock. Still don't know what he did there. It doesn't both him at all and he doesn't seem lame on that leg. I'm just going to keep monitoring it. Nothing I can do about it now as it's already healed up.

Oh, and so far, no reactions due to the DD of Ivermectin. He seems to be just fine... not extra itchies or anything along those lines. We'll see what happens when he gets the DD of Equimax in a couple weeks.

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