Tuesday, September 23, 2008

He's out with the herd.

Well, I just got a voicemail from Gringo's BO (totally different lady then Gus's BO). Looks like he'll be out with her whole herd now. Used to be just him and another gelding, who we'll call L. But, as of this morning, he's out with three mares now (the fourth is on stall rest). He's adjusting well, so she says. I'm not at all surprised that there are no antics. Gringo's a very laid back fellow and won't provoke unless provoked. And, I'm so fortunate that he's not herd-bound. I love that about him.

Haven't been out to see him lately otherwise. Planning on getting out there within the next couple days, as I've got some time off. Would attempt to lunge him again but it's been raining all day, which equals slippery and muddy. Don't want to chance anything with him.

As far as Gus goes, I haven't been out since this weekend, but I'm hoping that the swelling in his cannon bone has gone down. If not, well not sure what I'll do. I'm still wrapping it nearly everyday, just some days it's harder to get out to the barn to rewrap.

I'll hopefully have positive updates in my next post.

ETA: Well, I made it out to see Gus today... and he's worse then he's been in a while. The cannon bone has swollen back up a bit and he's got a new sore on his left stifle. The sore is about a quarter in size and it's already pretty well scabbed over. It's very painful to the touch (Gus was attempting to kick me while I was putting ointment on it).

I did rewrap both hind legs and applied the "sweat" mix onto the left hind. Hopefully it'll be looking better tomorrow, we'll see.

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