Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Video.

Here's the video to go with those photos from my previous blog the other day. Note, the quality is pretty crappy, as it was also taken with my Blackberry... so everything is distorted (gaits are messed up, lighting stinks, etc) but it gets the point across.

He's still quite lame, but... he doesn't seem as horrible as he has been previously. We'll see how he changes (hopefully for the best) once he moves to his new boarding barn come May 1st. I'm pleased with his progress outside. The video posted above was only his second time since last fall that he'd been outside under saddle. I've noticed him being more and more spooky lately, but thankfully he kept his min together and was a good boy for me the other night.

Anyways, don't know too much else. I'm planning on going to Georgia next week. I'm super excited. Lots of fun tack shops to go check out and my good friend (who lives down there now) and I are planning on a good ol' fashioned trail ride. Super exciting! More to come later...

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