Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nothing new on the home front.

Well, nothing new yet... I was gone on vacation to Georgia last week and therefore haven't been out to the barn in forever (nearly two weeks, I think). So Saturday is THE DAY. The day the boys move to their new barn, hopefully permanently - least til I can move them to my place eventually. It's going to be a sad day; I just hope things go well with introducing the boys.

Otherwise, the trip to Georgia was awesome. I got loads of new clothes and a few horse items too... like two lead ropes, a stall chain, hay net, etc. But, I love my new shirts and gloves. So excited to finally wear them.

I'm seriously looking at getting a Flip Mino. It's a kind of video recorder that's all digital. I first saw it advertised on the blog, Behind the Bit (she's listed under my profile, I think). Love the way they provide clearer videos and the ease of use. Definitely want better quality video, but it's hard to do when my camera is only so good.

Anyways, nothing else is new. I'm sure I'll have plenty to talk about come this weekend, with the move and all... hopefully all good news.

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