Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Photos.

I've been bad lately about updating this blog. There's just been so much stuff to do, with the horses themselves and now my wedding plans. Anyways, here's some updates.

Gus had been progressing nicely. He's still off, but we're working a lot on just walking on. Easier said then done, but he's doing well. We've started walking outside again since the weather is FINALLY cooperating. It's so nice having nice, warm weather. Today was our second ride outside since last fall. He was pretty good. I've noticed him being spookier lately, but I think his vision is starting to go in the right eye.

Here's some photos I took this morning after our ride:

I think he looks okay... definitely could stand to lose some weight, but just a little bit. I'm hoping once we get him moved to his new boarding barn and change his diet that he'll start looking better.

And Gringo, well he's almost entirely shed out, unlike Gus - who's just starting. Gringo is looking great... butt high again, but otherwise weight is wonderful. He's in the ballpark of 1000lbs, which is ideal for him.
He's still barefoot... and seems to be moving better. He's still most definitely off, but he seems much more comfortable. Here's a photo of him after a recent grooming session. The pile of hair is deceiving... it was HUGE!

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