Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Boy, was it WINDY here today. I thought for sure we'd be getting some rain, but no go. I did end up getting up on Gus again today. It was our second ride since the injuries sustained a week or so back. He was definitely "up" today - didn't help that the winds were nearly 20mph at times. The ride was successful though and we weren't eaten by any scary monsters, a definite plus.

On to the injuries... here's the new photos.

Pretty sure we're dealing with some proud flesh with this wound. Talked to the old BO and she concured... recommended really scrubbing the area daily (or as often as possible) and keeping up with the Wonder Dust. Need to debride the area so it can heal from the inside-out, not the other way around.

The swelling really seems to have gone down quite a lot. Still sound (thank GOD) on all legs, minus the old stifle issues ;-)

Left Front - healing quite well, for the most part. The hair is starting (slowly) to grow back in... but I think he's have some Frankenstein-looking legs for most of the summer.

A close up of a small spot that still won't heal on the LF. It actively bleeds whenever I touch it. I'm keeping up the Banixx (see: on this spot along with the large wound on the heel and another spot on Gus's chest.

Right Front - not looking too bad. No bleeding at all on this leg. It really itches him a lot though, but they do say that itching = healing, right?

This is the other "spot" that cropped up on Gus's chest. Picture is hard to figure out, but this sore is located on Gus's chest, on the right side. I used some scissors to cut a chunk off... and nothing happened. That's the white line in the middle of the sore. It bleeds at times but otherwise I can't figure out what exactly it is. We'll keep monitoring it for the time being.

I'm happy with Gus's progress for the most part, but do worry about the heel injury. I just don't want it healing with loads of proud flesh... that would not be good. The vet was supposed to be out yesterday (Tuesday) but got called out on an emergency, so our appointment needed to be rescheduled. He was going to give both boys their West Nile vaccines and recheck Gus's blood glucose levels. I was going to have his heel looked at too, since he was out. Hopefully things will work out and the vet will be out on Monday.
Gringo is doing well too. Still being mean to Gus... but he's been improving. We're slowly switching Gringo to Triple Crown Lite from Progressive's ProAdvantage Grass Formula. Although it's more of a "grain" then the TC Lite, the TC Lite is lower in NSCs then the Prog. Nut. Gus needs to be on the lowest NSC possible and it won't hurt Gringo to be on a lower NSC too.
Gringo's still lame and still takes short, choppy strides with that left fore... some days though it doesn't seem nearly as bad. And get this, he may walk into the barn lame, but after standing around for 30 minutes he'll walk out sounder. Go figure.
Nothing really new otherwise. I'm hoping the weather improves. We really need the rain (like I mentioned earlier) but it's gotten cold again. Aggh. Gotta love Minnesota, right?

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