Sunday, May 3, 2009

They made it.

Well, the boys made the move successfully. No issues what so ever, except Gus giving Gringo the hairy eyeball while we were trying to load him (Gringo). Gus loaded like an old trooper... no issues whatsoever.

Anyways, thank GOD, they adjusted very well. Gringo knew exactly where he was and was so happy to be back home. Gus basically took his lead and has adjusted quite well. We've had no issues with either of them... with the exception of Gringo picking on Gus when they are eating their hay.

Regardless, they are doing well. Gus is not happy, but he's having to wear a grazing muzzle... the grass is way greener then I thought it'd be, and he's at greater risk for founder considering his other metabolic issues. So... we're having fun trying to get him to adjust.

Here's some photos I took yesterday on their first day at the new farm.

Gus looking so happy (I think he's smiling):

And another one of Gus:

Here he is sporting his grazing muzzle:

And another withe the muzzle, which he HATES:

So, what'd ya think... pretty curly hair, right? But surprisingly, he does not have Cushings Disease, yet..

Another view of the coat/topline:
Here's the resident oldie, Toaster. He's in the ballpark of 32 years of age.
Here Gus, with Buster, T and Sable.

Here's all five of them, minus Toaster as he's in another pasture.

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