Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Long Overdue - Updates!

Sheesh. Can't believe it's been nearly 6 weeks since I blogged last about the boys. But here goes.

Gringo, in short, hasn't changed much at all. Still lame, but surprisingly doing quite well in the hot and humid weather. J (the farrier) loves his weight. He seems to be maintaining quite well, so I'm pleased with that. He's still harassing the heck outta Gus, but thankfully Gus doesn't have as many battle wounds as before.

Just a quick diet rundown on him, he's getting 1lb of Triple Crown Lite daily along with:
5000mg Magnesium
10,000mg MSM
1oz Mega-Cell
Grapeseed Extract

The latter two he doesn't necessarily get all the time, but probably 75% of the time.

On to Gus. Well, he had been doing really, really well up until last Wednesday (July 29th). The day before (Tuesday) the J was out to trim both boys. Gus got his routine trim and we actually trotted him off when done. He was sound, well like 90%. Still a hitch in the hind, but nothing like before. I guess he turned up lame on Wednesday... this was news to me come Friday when I got out to ride. Ride was cut short when I noticed he really was head-bobbing lame. Great! Well, there was nothing really that could be done, so I started him on some Previcox (firocoxib) to see if it'd help with the inflammation. He was better Saturday, but got significantly worse Sunday (this was all second person, I haven't seen him since Friday). Anyways, he was better again Monday... go figure.

Anyways, I did end up calling the farrier Sunday, not that she can do anything now. I'm hoping she just trimmed him too short and that time will allow things to grow back out. My future MIL (BO) said his hooves are unbalanced and he has no toe. I just find that really hard to believe, as J is super anal about everything being correct and balanced. So, photos will be taken tomorrow, when I'm able to get back out to the barn again and we'll go from there. I'm hoping he's sound... but not counting on it.

I did also order some Magic Cushion, see:, to see it that'll help with the inflammation and pain. Should be here 8/11... may not be needed by then, but well I'll have it should I have this issue again.

On to other things about Gus. Well, his fetlock sore is nearly gone. Just the size of a small pencil eraser. THANK GOD! That took 3 months to heal fully... but it did. He's got a matching sore on the left front fetlock now too, but I think that's just from interference. It's well scabbed over and healing just fine. Gus's legs otherwise look great.

Since I posted Gringo's diet, here's Gus. In addition to 2lbs of TC Lite, Gus gets:
5000mg Magnesium
10,000mg MSM (upping to 20,000mg for a while)
100mg HA
1oz Mega-Cell
10mg Lysine
Grapeseed Extract
1lb (dry weight) beet pulp

The latter two, well I'm using the Shavegrass until it's gone cause when Gus wasn't on it, it didn't seem to make him worse (i.e. he doesn't need it). He's on the beet pulp (BP) to help put weight back on. He's just a tad skinny and I'd like to be on top of everything before winter comes. He only gets the BP when I'm out there, so like 2-4 times a week. He LOVES his BP.

Anyways, I will be posting later this week those photos, both of Gus's hooves and his body condition and what few photos I have left of his fetlock sore. I should get some new photos of Gringo too. I'm thinking I want to pull his mane again, but don't ask me why I think that...

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