Sunday, August 9, 2009

Gus goes western!

Well, got nearly half way to the barn and realized that I had forgotten my saddle. Uggh. There it was, sitting right where I left it - on the saddle rack in the basement. So, I keep forging ahead to the barn, I know that I can ask my fMIL if I can borrow one of her western saddles. She says no problem so we fit Gus with one of the saddles... then we fit me to the saddle.

Boy, I swear that those stirrups were too short. It wasn't comfortable at all. Anyways, here's the video from that great adventure.

I think Gus, for the most part, looks really sound. He has a bad stumble when we go for our second canter depart, but recovers nicely. Not sure why he did that... the ground was fine in that area. Anyways, I'm glad he's looking better. Can't wait til Tuesday to have a "real" ride... dressage style.

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