Monday, May 10, 2010

Hoof Boots = Some Success

At the suggestion of my BO, I tried Gus's Boa Boots on today. Mind you he had a double dose of Previcox in his system, but he moved a lot better. I should've tried lunging him sans boots to see if he was still looking good or if he was back to his normal (off) self.

So, Gus is not getting any more Previcox now until this weekend... if needed. I figure when J, the farrier, is out she'd prefer to see him unaided. Also, if he's not doing any better I do need to see about getting the vet out (and I really don't want to do that yet).

Othewise, Gus is doing well. He's basically shedded out on his face and neck. Still very, very hairy on his barrel and belly. Rump is fairly shedded out too, surprisingly. Hopefully he'll turn around...

Gringo is doing better too. I haven't seen him nearly as often as I should. But he's still the same ol' horse, if not a bit more mellower. He actually seems a bit depressed at times, which is not him but I think he misses Gus.

Gringo has fortunately shedded out almost entirely on his own, without any help from me. This makes me happy as having two light-colored horses shedding out at the same time is a double pain in the hinny.

Anyways, both boys look good despite their issues. I need to get new *real* pictures up... maybe I'll try to do that this weekend if the weather cooperates.

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