Sunday, May 2, 2010

Still Off!

Sheesh. I went out today to see and ride Gus. His abscess is looking a lot better. No drainage, no tenderness... just a nice, clean hole. We went through our "normal" routine... meaning grooming with the shedding blade, then the face curry, then the Grooma curry, then the Furminator, then the hard brush, followed by the soft brush. Uggh. He's STILL shedding like crazy.

I had previously decided to hop up on Gus today to see how he was feeling under saddle. Well, he's good at the walk, but still very head-bobbing lame at the trot. I got back off and lunged him. He looked pretty darn sound to the left, but when the left leg was on the outside (so travelling right) he was definitely off. However, he was moving really down and out. I couldn't believe how comfortable he looking lunging.

So, I think I'll be giving him until Tuesday off. Then we'll try working under saddle again. Maybe allowing that hoof to dry-up and heal a bit more will make him sounder. Who knows?

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