Saturday, May 1, 2010

Abscess Update

So, Gus seems to be doing better. I put him on the lunge Friday and the BO/Trainer watched him go. He seemed stiff (which is normal for him) but not lame. He was still slightly off on the LF, but it wasn't super apparent.

The last few days (since Thursday), I've been soaking Gus's foot with Epsom salts and then applying a Magic Cushion wrap. Besides the fact that the MC is so sticky (it only comes off with alcohol, thanks CoTHers for that tip), it works really, really well.

Here's some photos. The black hole just to the right of the tip of the frog is where the abscess was dug out from. This photo is post-soaking.

I forgot to take some photos of the wrap before I turned Gus back out. So here's my handiwork. It's definitely not the prettiest, but it's practical. And... it lasts 24 hours outside to boot. Whohoo!

And, as usual... I took some more body pictures. Not the greatest... I'm hoping to take out the real camera one of these days and get some better photos. But here goes for now.

This is Gus... shaking his head.

Here's Gus's teeth. Aren't they lovely?

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