Saturday, April 21, 2012

Gringo's Photo Op

I can't help it if I've got one horse who is kinda like an equine Fabio ... and another who isn't. I'm thinking you can guess which is which.

So, this past Thursday, I had the day off and decided to shoot some new shots of Gringo. One of these days I need to get more photos of Gus as well, maybe Monday ...

Anyways, I went out the the barn with the sole intent of taking new photos of Gringo in Toaster's old pasture. However, once I cleaned Gringo up and tossed him out there, all he wanted to do was eat. That wasn't going to work, so off we go back into his turnout.

At no prompting from me, these were the results.

Glad that I wasn't having to ride out this buck ...

Yep, unfortunately Jade is faster. But that's okay, Gringo is more graceful.

Love, love, LOVE this photo. Turned out pretty amazing, I think.
Anyways, other then that, Gringo is doing well enough. His "grain" has been bumped up to triple of what he was getting before ... meaning he's getting about 1.5c of alfalfa pellets daily, instead of a half cup. I think he's filling out nicely again, so I may need to adjust his feed yet again.

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