Monday, May 21, 2012

Another month went by ...

and I failed miserably about keeping this blog up-to-date. So, here's what has happened since April.

Well, back on April 24th, Gus had his stifles injected again. This time it was the same combination (I believe) of Legend AND a long-lasting steroid. I'm not sure if depo was used as I think that is what was used last time. But regardless, the results were FANTASTIC. I've got Gus back. Again. Thank GOD.

The next day, Wedensday, Gus had new shoes put on. This time J applied eggbar shoes. The photos below show him that same evening, post trim/reset.

I still think his heels can be lowered quite a bit, but well I'm pleased with the results - regardless of how unconventional his hooves may look. Gus is currently sporting bell boots on the fronts as well, just so he doesn't get inclined to rip off these spendy shoes ...

Since the injections, I've only had a half dozen or so rides on him. Each ride has been great, with the exception of this last weekend ... when Gus almost dumped me into a culvert because he saw a bird. Dumb horse! I did end up doing a lesson on Gus two weeks ago. He was remarkably well behaved during that lesson. We worked on suppleness (ie give me that d*mn rein, Gus), leg-yields and shoulder-ins. Baby steps, but everything was meant to work together to try to get him moving more on his hindend and less on the front.

Here's a few new shots of Gus, taken early May. Definitely nothing spectacular ... that's what you get when you use the camera phone versus nice DSLR.

I'm really pleased with how well Gus came through the winter, even with all his anti-eating issues. I'm not sure if I mentioned it earlier, but he's no longer on pergolide/Prascend. Because his bloodwork hasn't changed and I haven't honestly noticed any changes with him being on the meds, we opted to pull him off for the time being. The plan is to retest him again this fall and see what things look like then.

Currently, Gus is getting:
* 3/4 lb Triple Crown Senior/twice a day
* 10g MSM
* 1 scoop (ounce, I think) Quiessence
* hay (couldn't tell you how much, I should check again)

Well, not much has changed with Gringo since April either. He's still same ol', same ol'. He had his hooves trimmed here a week or so ago, but it looks like I've still got the photos sitting on my cell phone. I think I took new photos of him as well with the DSLR, but likewise, I think they are on my other computer.

Update. I've finally offloaded those photos of Gringo's hooves. See below.

Gringo has gained back the weight he lost over the winter, so he's back down to like 1/3c of alfalfa pellets daily, along with 10g MSM and 1 scoop of Remission. I ran out of Mega-Cell, the multi-vit, so he's not getting that currently. He also is getting a sand purge once a month, for 7 days. Which reminds me, I need to get a refill.

Anyways, I'll update the blog once I get those photos added to my Picasa photo account, but until then, I'll try really hard to update more regularly.

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