Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pretty-Boy Gringo

Haha. So like the title states, Gringo seems to think he's a pretty boy. Actually, I do think he's a nice horse to look at. He's shiny year around, despite living out 24/7 in Minnesota. Our weather is, typically, far from perfect. So far though, it's been a GREAT start to 2012. Mild winter and so far, a very warm spring. I'll take it.

So, yesterday I was out to see Gringo and I decided to take some video, along with some photos. I wasn't able to upload all of them, yet, but here's one of the better ones ...

I think that shows the best trot movement from Gringo, least taken in a still frame.

Here's the video, as promised. Please excuse the unlatched noseband (also visible in the above photo). I did not realize that it had come undone ... hence the excessive head shaking. He's typically not that bad.


On to other things ...

Gringo has lost quite a bit of weight over the winter. Which was a good thing, as he was quite pudgy all last year, but in addition to the weight loss, there is muscle loss as well. So, he's now getting about 2c of alfalfa pellets daily, up from the measly 1/3c he was getting prior. I need to weight the pellets ... cause I'm curious as to exactly how much I bumped him up, grain wise.

He still needs to be dewormed soon as well. I'm wanting to do a powerpak, but I have yet to find a local dealer in 10% fenbendazole solution. I refuse to pay full price for the the highly marked up "equine" powerpak. 

And ... I still gotta get the vet out for spring vaccines. One of these days ...

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