Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's Spring!

The birds have been back (or at least chirping) for the past week or so. It's so nice to hear them ... it's like spring is truly here, officially and unofficially. Whohoo!

On that note, Gus is getting his spring vaccines this week and next week. Not so great on my pocketbook but things could be worse. Wait, they are. Gus has gone on a hunger strike. As of late last week, Gus has given up grain. Kinda like one would give up something for Lent. Except, he kinda needs his grain. So C, the BM, has been hand feeding Gus his Prascend (that's the new pergolide tab) inside an apple. So far, it's working but it's a temporary solution. B was supposed to check with Dr. N to see if we can do anything to stimulate his appetite .. cause Clover, the ancient wonder pony, is also on Prascend for Cushings Disease and is also on a hunger strike.

Further news ...

It's still really nice here in central MN as of late. I was able to make it out the barn both Sunday and Monday for quick outdoor rides. It's so nice to be able to ride outside in short-sleeves and not freeze to death. Or burn to a crisp. Temps in the 70s and a slight breezy is my ideal weather. Wish we could keep this for the whole summer. Heck, year around would be even more amazing.

I won't be able to make it out to see Gus until next Tuesday (a week from today). So I'm hoping that (1) his appetite improves, because currently his getting only 1/2lb grain twice a day (down from 1.5lbs/twice a day) and (2) the slight head bob/hitch I've felt while riding him outside goes away. I'm hoping that I'm just imaging the latter.

Gringo seems to be doing okay. I haven't heard anything to say differently ... and haven't been out to see him since my last blog post on him. He needs his spring vaccines too, just need to figure out when I get can the vet out (probably in April ... need to recover from this last round of vet appointments).

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