Thursday, January 17, 2013

Picture Update Time!

Okay. First things first ...


Here's is a photo montage of Gringo's hooves from his last trim, on January 4th - not sure what happened to the photos from November 7th. They are in the "usual" order.

Alrighty. And here's what happens when, umm, the toes are left a little long and well the ground is a frozen, crappy mess. These were taken on January 11th, a week after the trim. Because I wasn't able to make it to the barn on Wednesday, I'm not sure exactly when this break occurred. But OUCH!

By the way, this all happened to the left front hoof. Which, of course, is the one that Gringo has the coffin bone fracture in. Go figure. Interestingly enough, he was 100% sound on this leg.  

And here's what the hoof looked like last night, after J (Gringo's J, not to be confused with Gus's J) was out to retrim him. She thinks a lot of the issues had to due with the ground being really hard, and while I agree, I do think that the long toe exaggerated things. Anyways, least now they are back to where Gringo likes them to be.

I guess he tested positive to the hoof testers, per J, but on the lunge last night he looked pretty sound. Least in typical Gringo fashion. J recommended treating Gringo for thrush as well as applying something like venice turpentine ... to help harden up his hooves. I think I've got some Durasole from when I was trying to toughen up Gus's hooves, so I guess I'll be digging that along with some mastitis ointment (Tomorrow) to help Gringo's hooves out.

Now on to some new(er) body shots.

December 2, 2012
These next few shots are from December 17th:

It's like "Really, Mom? You have to stand there an take photos? Honestly!"

Uggh. Crappy photo of me. Not sure how people get such cute self portraits. Any tips?
And now some body shots from December 23rd:

Look at that belly!

Yikes! You can totally see where he's absolutely FILTHY! Oh well. No bath until the temps are steady in the 50s-60s ... too cold otherwise.

And then, there are the photos from our first ever outdoor pony ride on January 7th, 2013. What a great way to celebrate the new year! Both boys were good, despite all the new exposures. See blog post here.

Gus is telling Gringo that everything will be okay and that he needs to get his "big boy" pants on.

Seriously? Can't Gringo act like the Andalusian/Appaloosa he is, rather then the Thoroughbred racehorse he wants to be? No biting Gus on the neck ... especially when I'm on board. Really, boys!?!

More secrets to share...

Wow. Look at that dirty look. Sheesh.

Would be lovely picture except Gringo is sticking his tongue out at me. Silly boy!

Tongue shot ... again.

LOVE this picture!

Gringo sunning his bum after his "pony ride". Silly boy, again.
The below shot is of Gringo enjoying his strawberry-banana "mush" from Gus's birthday celebration. Gus turned 23 yesterday and to celebrate, both Gus and Gringo had a little extra something mixed in with their dinner - along with some much needed hot water. Both boys LOVED their "treat".

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