Thursday, January 24, 2013

A quick Gus update ...

As I write this my fingers are crossed that Gus continues on the up and up path for soundness. After having Dr. N out a week ago to do a Legend injection, Gus proved he's an idiot. You see, the day prior (that would be Wednesday, the 16th) I was out to lunge Gus, to check his soundness, and he was perfect. Nice walk/trot on the lunge and moving freely through his back, for the most part. Haha. Fast forward to Friday afternoon. What started off as a nice, forward moving walk and trot, quickly escalated to a rodeo-style, full-out bronco bucks. What a flipping idiot. So of course he was lame. Again.

I guess the good news out of all of this is that Gus is only lame when the LF is on the outside of the circle... This means that, for the most part, the lameness is higher up. Yea for this! B palpated Gus's back and withers last Friday and came to the conclusion that it was definitely withers/back issue and not lower leg. So at least this is something that we can work with.

So,  on Saturday and again on Monday, I made phone calls to get the chiropractor back out to see Gus. It's been a LONG time since Dr. K saw Gus but I think the chiro is the key to get his back back into order. Unfortunately, we're looking at a good three weeks until the chiro can get out. So now I've got to make another phone call to another boarder to see if the chiro they use is coming out anytime soon.

But, overall, Gus seems to be doing slightly better ... and this is without being medicated (aka bute). My plan is to hop up on him Saturday and Sunday and do some light work (walk/trot).

Still haven't heard when the potential leaser plans on coming back out, which is good because I think Gus can use the extra time to get his fitness level back up. Fingers crossed that everything works out in the end.

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