Thursday, January 17, 2013

Round Two ...

Now it's Gus's time to shine! Here's Gus's photo montage from the last few weeks.

As with the previous post on Gringo, I'm starting with Gus's hooves and working my way upwards. For whatever reason, I'm missing the photos from October 25th's trim, so the photos posted below are the most recent from December 20th, in their typical order.

J added snow pads to help Gus deal with all the snow we've been having. They are working great!

Body shots. I remember mentioning in an early post that Gus had dropped A LOT of weight in a really short period of time. We know now that it was due to the crappy hay quality that the BO had. Not her fault at all. It was some hay she had purchased from someone she routinely purchases from and it just had no nutritional value at all. Gus wasn't the only one to dramatically lose weight ... but I still felt bad for the poor boy, nonetheless.

These next shots are from December 2nd:

Absolutely no topline ... muscle loss on barrel, hip, hindquarters ... everywhere. Poor Gus!

His bony butt ... and lack of muscle.

Visible ribs... nearly all of them. Uggh!

Still a pretty face though.
 These next few are from December 17th.

This next batch is from December 23rd. Gus has, by now, gained a considerable amount of weight back. 

Uggh... still missing that topline though.

Much more filled out rump though.

Now, for some leg shots. Every year I get paranoid that something is wrong with Gus's left hind leg. The fetlock joint gets so swollen and basically that entire leg looks like a stove pipe. Fortunately, that's just normal Gus ... but it's ridiculous how grotesque it looks. I should really get some comparisons of the right hind, you'd be amazed at the difference between the two.

Even though I already posted these on my previous post, I had to share them again here. I'm just so proud of Gus (and Gringo) as they were both very GOOD boys. These were taken on January 7th.

Such a pretty boy!

I had taken a bunch of photos yesterday, celebrating Gus's birthday ... and I even uploaded them on Facebook, but I guess I forgot to upload them to Picasa? Sheesh. My brain is fried, I guess. Well, they'll just get uploaded at another date.

ETA: Got those photos uploaded ... So here's photos from yesterday. Mr. Gus turned 23! WhootWhoot!!!

Rocking the "tongue" and the "mohawk". Silly boy!

Gus, Me and Bowser ... He's totally NOT a Bowser. I think he's a  "Buddy" or something along those lines. Needless to say, one of the nicest strays to wander up to the barn.

Gus chowing down on his birthday "mush".

Anyways, last Friday (January 11th), Gus had a potential new leaser out to test ride him. Go figure that on that day, of all days, he was lame. I was so frustrated and embarrassed because just days prior he was sound. Looking back, I truly think he sprained/pulled something as it was extremely icy out that morning (horses in the barn weren't turned out until after 12p) and he's basically running around on ice skates (aka shoes).

So, after 2grams of bute twice a day from Friday until Tuesday, he's sound. I did call the vet on Monday to get them out to do another Legend injection. Today they'll be out to administer that. But thankfully when I was at the barn last night, Gus was sound ... or as sound as Gus typically is (or isn't).

I did call back the potential leaser (we'll call her K). So I'm hoping she and her parents will come back out to recheck Gus and hopefully have a real test ride. I think her and Gus would be a good fit. More information to come on how that situation pans out.

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