Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Almost done!

Well, I'm hoping that I'll soon be having positive information to report on here. Saturday (Nov. 15th) will mark 23 days of stall rest for Gus. I'm hoping that our first "ride" will go smoothly. I am planning on hopping on for about 5 minutes on Saturday morning, just walking around. I think we'll plan on starting the turnout on Monday - maybe yet this weekend, still kinda undecided.

I did talk to the BO, briefly via email, but sounds like we can have private turnout for a while at least. Then, once the barn gets filled back up we'll either have to do 1/2 turnout or have a buddy. So, we'll see what happens but I'm glad we can do half turnout for the time being - once that time comes.

I am really hoping that this transition goes well and there are no setbacks so please keep fingers crossed for Gus and me. This will be our second attempt at rehabbing... and I really don't need any more complications.

Plan is to start walking daily, starting with 5 minutes and adding a couple minutes every other day, building up to 45 minutes of walking. This was much easier back over the summer because it was nice out and we could do all of our riding outside. Not the case this time around. I do plan on riding out a lot, but it gets dark earlier and is so cold right now. I do have the exercise sheet (i.e. Masta rump rug) handy and a wool exercise sheet if really needed...

More updates by Saturday, hopefully.

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