Thursday, November 13, 2008


So, had my weekly lesson tonight on H. She's a great little mare... Arab/QH cross most likely. A bit opinionated, but what horse isn't? Well, was talking with the BO and she was inquiring about Gus. Wanted to know if I'd trotted him yet. Said I hadn't. Wasn't instructed to.

Well, that being said, I did attempt to trot him in hand last night. Boy was that a disaster. He was in such pain... or seemed like it anyways. Wouldn't move out at all. Was crabbing at me and breathing really heavily. He was also very short strided, especially with that right hind leg. I'm now off to consult with the vet, again, to see where to now.

The original plan was to start walking under saddle this weekend, then turnout (privately) afterwards. I'm hoping that's okay with the vet. I was under the assumption back in May/June that trotting under saddle only came once that back end was strengthen back up. So, we'll see. Hope I have good new from vet once I hear back from her.

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