Saturday, November 15, 2008

First ride in weeks!

Well, Gus and I had our first ride today since before Labor Day. He was exceptionally good, surprisingly. We were only supposed to walk for five minutes, but I lost track of time and ended up riding for about 6 1/2 minutes. No biggie.

Anyways, one lap around the indoor arena is about 1 minute, time-wise. Gus was pretty good tough. Very forward, which is a good thing, and was taking pretty even steps. He did keep wanting to jog off but listened well enough.

I put on his new Masta exercise sheet (see: Fits well enough and he wasn't too fazed. He'll be wearing that 90% of the time once we start working more, as we'll be riding outside, weather permitting.

Today, after our "ride", he got to go outside for turnout. First time in 3 weeks, well 23 days actually. He was very well behaved, least while I was watching him. I hope he stays sane and doesn't pull any sh*t. I just can't deal with another major setback.

I'll keep posting as thing progress.

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