Saturday, January 10, 2009

Injections and Recovery Eq

Well, Thursday was the day. Gus had both stifles injected, again. First time since March that the left stifle has been injected... the right was done then and again (in all three joints) in May/June when he was originally diagnosed with the torn CCL.

So, that being said, he spent all of Thursday in his stall, then was turned back out as usual on Friday. I was out Friday after work and I am very pleased with this progress thus far. He already seems happier and freer. Then again, he did have his ears back while I was riding, but that's a typical Gus thing... so, perhaps he was feeling happy enough to be grumpy again. Oxymoron, huh?

I also talked to Dr. N about a couple new things to try, one being an injectable glucosamine (Acetyl-D-Glucosamine), the other being Recovery Eq. Well, Dr. N has had no experience with either product but T, the receptionist, has. She said she noticed a good improvement with one barrel horse (older mare) when she was on both... the other mare was just on the injection (?) and was better, but not as significant.

So, I decided to switch Gus to Recovery Eq for a couple months. Found a good deal at using coupons I found online. So, we'll see if I notice any improvement with that added. I'm really hoping this works. Otherwise, I may consider doing the glucosamine injections, but Gus really is a needle phobic.

I am also upping both horses to 15,000mg of MSM to see if that makes any bit of difference. I do plan on dropping the Smartflex Senior on both boys, as it's definitely not making anything better (or worse for that matter). Not sure if I want to find something else to put Gringo on... so, we'll about that.

Gus is also switching to Mega-Cell multivitamin from SmartVite Senior. It's cheaper and has roughly the same values as the other.

We'll see how things work out. I'm really hoping that the injections in combination with the Recovery Eq will do the trick, but only time will tell.

Another neat thing is that Stacey (from picked me as a winner during her BTB Anniversary contest. So, the boys got some super yummy treats. I'm sure they will find them absolutely divine, like usual.

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