Saturday, January 31, 2009

A January Heat Wave

Today it was really warm out. We're talking low 40s. Crazy for a January in Minnesota. Today, coincidentally, is the last day of the month and the first time all month we've made it above freezing (above 32 degrees Fahrenheit). Yeah! About time. Let's hope that Spring is just around the corner.

So, today Gringo had his shoes reset. He was previously in what I'd call "regular" shoes with rocker toes, quarter clips and snow rim pads. The pads were put on back in December, a change from the full pads plus Equipak that Gringo had been sporting for months. Still not sure exactly what caused all the issues, but these last few he had been extremely off... even more so then what's typical for him.

We're thinking it's one of a couple different things:
1. too long between trims (went almost 8 weeks instead of the usual 5-6 weeks)
2. change from soles being entirely covered to be exposed
3. being careful when walking outside
4. combination of all or some of the above

Hopefully with the new shoes and having the Equipak again things will improve. We'll see.

Gus was really good today also. I haven't been out as regularly as I'd like because of crappy weather and my work schedule, but needless to say he seems to be improving. We always warm up at the walk for a good 10-15 minutes. I make sure that he's still moving forward and stepping up and through. Then, and only then, do I ask for a trot.

I usually start off to the left, in both gaits. I was pleasantly surprised when I asked for a trot (going to the right) that I actually had an almost sound horse. He was moving forward and downward, really stretching out today. C was in the arena riding H (same mare I ride in lessons once in a while) and commented that Gus did seem to be moving sounder today - least to the right.

Switching back to the left, I noticed that Gus was off again. Not as bad as he's been in the past, but definitely noticeable. He was comfortable trotting but not like he was to the other direction. We did probably 5-7 minutes of trot work today... or maybe 10 laps around the arena. We ended on a good note.

Not sure what's making things better for Gus today. He recently had his stifles done back in early January. He also has been on Recovery Eq since around Wednesday, January 21st. And, the weather's warmed back up (today especially). I do hope that this is a sign that things are changing for Gus, for the good. I'm guessing we'll soon see.

About that ACTH test. Not done, yet. Dr. N came to the same conclusion about doing the ACTH test, minus the Stim. We're also going to do a glucose and insulin check too, to make sure things are all in balance. We'll see what the results are. I do plan on rechecking Gus's thyroid here in the next month or two (or three) but sending it off to Michigan State University or at least UofM. From Dr. Kellon's response on the Yahoo group, Equine Cushings, it seems like Gus's values are well within normal range, but the reference range that the local clinic uses is invalid. The only way to know for sure is to do a test at another facility.

I'm hoping that nothing shows up on the test. Really hoping that. But I guess we'll soon see. About time to start thing about spring vaccines too. Uggh. Least I got another month until that, but still... kinda depressing but exciting at the same time. Cause a month from now it'll be March which means Winter in MN as we know it is on its way outta here.

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