Monday, November 16, 2009

Diet Modification, again.

Well, seeing as Gus still isn't putting on pounds, I decided to change around his grain, again. So, he's now getting a 50/50 mix of TC Lite and TC Senior... 1.5lbs of each currently. The plan is to change that again, to 2lbs TC Senior and 1lb TC Lite, or 3lb TC Senior... depending on what Gus needs. He sure as heck doesn't mind... as he's loving every bite as it stands currently.

As far as riding goes, it's a no go. I ended up messing up my back on Friday while flipping the manure pile (the one that's been composting all summer) and while doing so I heard a "snap" in my low back. Yep... something is definitely wrong with it. I've got an appointment with my chiropractor tomorrow. Hopefully she can fix it otherwise it's off to the MD for x-rays. Uggh.

Gus is still doing really well though. Staying sound and fairly fit. I want to see that topline improve, but I don't think there's too much more I can do unless we add cavalletti or ground poles into the mix (which I am planning on doing this spring).

Gringo's doing well also. Pretty darn sound, actually. I'm hoping if he keeps sound for the next year, maybe a year from now we'll work on getting him started under saddle, again. We shall see... if I do go that route, he'll be sent off to a trainer for 60 days or so.

Other then that, no new news. Which is good, right? Except, I did end up changing them to a different type of magnesium. I'm using MagOx 56% from HorseTech now, instead of Magnesium 5000. Both boys are getting about 9000mgs of magnesium daily versus the 5000mgs before. So, time will tell if there is any changes.

Also... I noticed yesterday when I was picking up piles (these piles were deposited between Friday early afternoon to Sunday early afternoon) I noticed two really "solid" piles. We are around day 9 - 10 post PP. So, just wondering if someone's having issues with the PP? Gus is still on SmartGut for possible ulcers (no more cribbing that I'm aware of since that day a few weeks back) so I not sure what to think about the "solid" piles at the moment.

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