Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Turkey Day!

Well, Thanksgiving came and went without a hitch. The boys even got an extra 1/2 bale of hay to celebrate the day. I'm sure they were giving A LOT of thanks for that.

On to new news. Gus is still not gaining any weight, despite the increased grain. So, I made changes yet again. He's now getting 1lb of TC Lite and 2lbs of TC Senior daily, and in another week or two it'll increase to 2.5lbs of TC Senior. If he's still underweight, then we'll up to 3lbs and reevaluate from there. I also purchased some Rice Bran to add into his diet. See: He's going to be getting 1/2lb daily to see if that helps at all. It's a nice pelleted product that should help with weight gain, considering it's 20% fat. I'm still considering removing the TC Lite completely and just feeding the TC Senior and Rice Bran... but we'll see.

ETA: I also cut out the alfalfa pellets for now...

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