Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Leg Photos

Gus's newest leg injury to his left front leg. Noticed the injury yesterday, April 19th but noticed the day before that he was off. Couldn't pin-point the leg (or even if it was front or hind lameness, although the head bob should've been a dead giveaway) but when grooming him yesterday this was pretty obvious.

These next couple photos were taken prior to cleaning up... although area has been clipped short.

This view shows there is no swelling at the site... which is LF outside, so the right side in this photo (where it's all wet). There is NO heat in the leg and it is not tender when been prodded. I ended up doing a hot pack (really, just a really warm towel - soaked in water) to the area for about 10 minutes. Nothing came out of the sores... least nothing that I could detect.

These next couple are after being hot packed and then slathered with Patch N' Go. I felt I needed to put something on there... so I figured that stuff wouldn't hurt. It's like an antibacterial ointment/homeopathic stuff.

And finally, another body shot of Gus with his head shoved in a round bale. Nice, huh?

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