Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's an abscess...

Well, heard from the BM (a different person then the BO/Trainer) that Gus, for sure, has an abscess. The vet was out on Monday to look at another horse and since she was out, I figured I'd split the vet call and have her take a look at Gus too.

According to the BM (and the BO, as I sent her an email asking more questions) he was very sore in the sole... not sure if it was in the toe or where, but they did find the abscess and the vet dug it out. It's quite possible that there was another exit for that abscess... see those photos I posted previously.

So, the treatment plan is soaking and wrapping until it's no longer draining. The BO has been soaking and wrapping Gus since Monday. I believe she's doing an Epsom salt soak and then a betadine/sugar (sugardine) wrap.

I'm heading out today (first time I'll have been at the barn since Sunday) to do a soak and wrap before my lesson. I'm also planning on soaking with Epsom salts, but then doing a wrap with Magic Cushion. It's a great product (so I've heard) that I've fortunately NEVER had the pleasure of using. I'm hoping to not have to use it ever again (although it looks to be a great product to keep in my arsenal).

I plan on taking more photos, but it'll be with my Blackberry... so nothing spectacular.

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