Monday, April 5, 2010

Weight Gain!

Yeh! I think Gus is finally starting to pack on some weight. He should be now, getting nearly 8lb of "grain" a day now and nearly unlimited hay...

Here's some photos. These first few are from March 15th, the last are from today.

March 15th:

Oh, these next couple were from the first day at his new "old" barn:


He is HAIRY. And gets sweaty so incredibly fast. Today was a good day though. He started off really rough, with some bad stumbles from the hind end. After working through that doing lots of trotting, we worked on the shoulder-in. Man is his a plow-horse on that front end of his. Sheesh.
We did end up with some nice work at the end. A few half-hearted attempts at leg-yielding too, which was a pleasant surprise that he offered that. He's much softer to the left then to the right. To the right, he just blows through my aids and leans heavily on the right rein. I definitely need to get some lessons on him again, but not until he's more fitted.
The goal is to start working on transitions again. Walk to trot, trot to walk, walk to canter, canter to trot to walk, walk to halt, etc. He really needs to strengthen that hind end. I am also wanting to start working on cavalletti again too. Those are supposed to be very good with strengthening the hind end. So, we'll see.

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