Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's October and it's 80 outside!

Nothing like having an Indian Summer. It's been absolutely GORGEOUS these last few days. And rumor has it, the weather is supposed to last until the weekend. For like the 8th day in a row, temperatures have been in the mid-70s to low 80s. Absolutely perfect! I can't complain at all, except that I'm stuck at work. Which stinks.

On Monday afternoon and again Tuesday morning, I had some nice rides on Gus. Granted I wasn't really able to gauge his soundness, but we were riding outside. So who cares? Gus was definitely sound enough to do some w/t/c in the grassy fields. We even threw in a few gallops stretches (we're talking a dozen strides or so) for good measure. Gus was definitely feeling up on Monday, as he proceeded to attempt to dump me about three or four times. Silly boy.

The plan is to ride again tomorrow, but this time (unfortunately) I need to work Gus in the arena to see what I'm really dealing with. We tried riding in the outdoor arena, but he still had some issues with the footing. So not sure if it's just footing related or if he's still having some lameness issues. The indoor arena should give me those answers. For what it's worth, Gus seemed content working outside. He was much better on Monday then he was on Tuesday, but he was still comfortable both days.

In other news, Gus now has a turnout buddy again. This is the first time in about two years that Gus has been turned out with another horse. D got moved into Gus's turnout because his turnout was needed for another horse. D is also suffering with stifle issues, so hopefully the two boys won't play too rough. I really can't deal with another issue - not when we're finally getting to the root of the front end issues.

On Monday I went out to see Gringo again. I talked with my MIL a lot as well. Mainly about Gringo and his training and his lump. The lump, while still present, is going away - albeit slowly. I'm thinking about calling Anoka Equine and seeing about getting a vet out. Gringo is probably due to have his teeth floated anyways... I don't think it's been done in like three years (even though he's checked annually, at the minimum).

Regarding Gringo's training, MIL thinks (and I agree - WOW!) that he should be sent off for professionally training, once we're reached the point to get him under saddle. I think he'd truly benefit from someone else doing the initial saddle work. However, being nearly 9 (in February), hopefully the past is the past and getting him going under saddle will be simple enough. Knowing Gringo, though, that won't be the case. MIL thinks we should work with a "butt rope" to get Gringo used to having things up behind him. He does NOT like the butt rope and back when we were doing ground driving, we had more then our fair share of incidents involving a lunge line, his tail and bolting. You figure out the rest. Anyways, MIL wants me to start working with one again... wouldn't hurt anything, anyways. Well, except maybe me.

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