Saturday, October 1, 2011

Witches, Goblins and Christmas Ornaments, Oh My!

Well, today I opted to just take Gus for a spin outside. The weather was amazing - cool but sunny. Absolutely ideal fall weather, least in my opinion.

Tomorrow is the fall show at the barn, so everyone is getting everything ready. This also means that the cross-country course is decked out with fun decorations. This year, B (the BO) went over board. Everything looks amazing, but I'm SO GLAD that I won't be competing. There's no way that Gus would not look at the jumps. They are down right busy, in a non-obnoxious way.

Anyways, I took some photos during our ride. Nothing amazing... kinda hard to ride and take photos at the same time. I'm thinking about getting my mom to come to the barn next weekend, weather permitting, to take some photos of Gus and I. Since I wasn't able to compete at all this year, I never did get any nice photos of Gus and I. Heck, I need to get some new ones of Gringo and I as well...

Isn't the above jump just scary? Fortunately, there are jumps located on either side of the above jump. The baby beginner novice jump is off to the right, the beginner novice off to the left. So, they actually don't have to jump between the costumes. 

Gus was also decided to be a goofball this afternoon. This is what greeted me when I walked out to get him from his turnout this afternoon. Granted, these photos were taken after I had brought him into the barn. 

I personally thought he was trying for the unicorn look. So, I just added a bit of fluff to the ear piece and viola! Instant unicorn.

An no, I don't think Gus appreciated being decked out as a unicorn. Good thing that I didn't go searching for my Twinkle Toes hoof polish or body glitter. Haha. 

Gus was also delighted with the fact that he was able to enjoy an apple again today. He hasn't had one (to the best of my knowledge) in probably a good year or so. He does occasionally get pieces of an apple from the barn staff, but because of his insulin resistance and subsequent Cushings, I really monitor his diet closely. I figured since he was being such a good boy and I had a tasty Honeycrisp apple that was just beckoning Gus... well, the rest was history. As usual, I attempted to document it with photos... but they kinda ended up blurry. 

 Mmmm. An apple. 

 Hmm. It's a bigger apple then what I normally get. Wait! I don't get apples any more. 

 Shoot. I'm losing it! 

Mmm. Pure bliss. Pure satisfaction. Did I mention that I LOVE apples? Cause I do.

Oops! Not done yet. Least I'm getting a lot out of this apple. 


Nom. Nom.

<insert slurpping sounds>

<insert mega slurping sounds> Nom. Nom.

This is... nom. nom. ... very good.... nom. nom. 

<more slurping sounds>

It's hard to talk... got my mouth full...

Nom. Nom. 

<insert one final slurp>

Mmm. Tasty! I love me some good, crisp, juicy apples. Do you think I can be a spokeshorse for the Honeycrisp apples? Cause they are just amazing! 

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