Monday, March 12, 2012

Gringo + Loose Gate = Disaster

So I got this strange message from my husband last night. All he told me was this:

"Gringo ran through the barn but he's okay."

And I was like, What the fruitbat? Go figure, my husband was missing half of the details. By the time he happened to mention Gringo, it was already late in the evening and my MIL was sleeping already. So I couldn't  bother her to find out the whole story.

So today I found out what really happened.

First a little bit of background informaition. The latch on Gringo and Jade's turnout was ruined earlier this winter when Jade decided to attempt to run though the gate. There were some coyotes in their pasture and Jade freaked out (understandably). Due to my MIL OCDness, there is not only a latch but a lock AND a rope to keep it shut. Since the gate run-in, only the rope was working to keep the gate closed. And that was working well enough, least til it warmed up enough to replace the broken latch.

After talking to my FIL, I guess the turnout gate wasn't secured when my MIL was went out for feeding. So Gringo got out. No big deal as he ended up in the corral. Well, the gate from the corral to the barn was open since she was doing chores, so he ended up in the barn. Then, probably in his typical Gringo fashion, he saw a chance to escape and attempted to get out of the barn by ducking out of the main door. It's basically a dutch door with a screen on the top (removable). My MIL had the screen latched but the bottom open, so the geese and chickens can come and go as they please. I guess the screen door didn't quite survive.

Supposedly Gringo is doing just fine, but I'm worried a bit about his back/withers. I can't imagine that his withers cleared the door without any issues. I guess the screen door and the latch on the turnout gate both needed to be fixed. 

I'm planning on getting out to the barn tomorrow to see Gringo so I'll be able to take a good look at him then. My MIL usually calls me is anything is awry, so I'm guessing that everything is just fine but I'm a worrier. 

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